Hello and welcome to my little online world!

I'm Althea de las Estrellas
but you may also know me as Allie Stars.

Mediterranean Kabbalist Witch.

Venusian Aquarius Vegetarian.

Entrepreneur + Artist + Writer + Designer + High Priestess

I'm here to help witchy women learn to love & accept them-selves + their gifts.

Here you'll find links & info to all of my current projects!


Ms. Althea's World

Hello! I'm Althea de las Estrellas but you may also know me as Allie Stars. I am & do lots of things but mainly I'm an Artist, Entrepreneur, Writer, Designer & High Priestess. I'm also a Web + Graphic Designer, Online Marketing & Branding Expert with 7+ years experience. I help both indi- viduals & collectives put together polished, professional websites, products, ads & aesthetics that represent & market their brand + their services in the best. most authentic light.

I'm a natural entrepreneur & have started various brands + businesses since I was a young child.

There's links to my main current projects in the home page.

Another side of me is that I am a Spiritual Advisor.

I'm a Psychic, Medium, Kabbalist Witch & have been both a student & practicioner of The Craft since I was 14. I have studied many different traditions + religions as well as meta- physics & have developed my own way of approaching and making magic. For me it is a spiritual practice & lifestyle. I help all kinds of people with a wide variety of issues but my main focus is other witchy women. I help them learn to love & accept themselves & their gifts. So they uncover + develop their own spirituality + magic in a way that both works for them AND empowers them to create the life they've always dreamed of by using & sharing their gifts as they were always meant to.

Allie Stars is my self-created witchy cartoon alter ego.

I've always loved animation, cartoons, anime & comic books. Since I also love to draw I've wanted my own since I was a little girl. I've been drawing myself & my Barbie dolls since I was in grade school, I've just gotten better with time. Allie Stars is the result of mixing all my fave things together as a cartoon, super-heroine-type version of myself.

When came out of the Witchy Closet in order to begin to ful- fill my calling to inspire, empower & educate #ModernWitches Allie Stars became my vehicle to do so. I've been using her as a fun part of my image to get my message out there ever since.

The Universe gave me her as a character many, many years before I knew I was to eventually become her!

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